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Top Practice Tips for the Commercial List

As you know, Toronto’s Commercial List is a specialized court of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice comprised of judges with experience in managing complex commercial litigation.

Waksdale: Back to the Drawing Board?

The Supreme Court of Canada recently refused to hear the appeal of the Waksdale case. As such, the Ontario Court of Appeal’s decision stands, demanding a review of all employment contracts.

Parole, Temporary Release and Covid-19

Criminal lawyers are experts in preliminary hearings, trials and sentencing, but what about representing a client after they have been sentenced, in a Temporary Absence or a Parole Hearing?

Virtual decisions: Judging in pandemic times

In our continuing series on helping you litigate within the confines of a post-pandemic world, today we are focusing on balancing the technological adaptations required by the global pandemic with effective yet ethical advocacy.

Professionalism in the Year of COVID

The CCLA Professionalism Panel is a beloved annual fixture on the CPD calendar. This year's edition focuses on the impact of COVID on issues of Professionalism.

Addressing the issues of systemic discrimination

Allyship means something different depending on who you talk to. According to Justice O'Bonsawin, it is a synonym of partnership. She asserts that everyone should be working towards a common goal of teamwork, regardless of race or gender.

2021 Commercial Litigation Update

In this week's update we're going to focus on some recent case comments in the Commercial Litigation field. In this video, the MLA panel will speak on three distinct topics.

Tips for Remote Preparation for Litigation

As we continue to practice physical distancing, working remotely has become the norm. As in-person meetings have become so uncommon, how do you effectively navigate your practice and prepare a witness or a client for any given step in the litigation process, especially if they have any special needs or challenges?

Three Judges Provide Their Top Advocacy Tips

As family lawyers, we often wonder what we are doing right and what we are doing wrong when appearing before a judge.

Unconscious Bias in Litigation

In this transformative age when actions against unconscious bias and social injustice have swiftly gathered momentum, we bring you an enlightening Q & A on what this means for us as people, as a profession, and as propellers for change.

2SLGBTQ+ Creating Positive Space

Have you considered any proactive ways to include and support the 2SLGBTQ+ community in areas where you have influence and authority?

Personal Injury Update

Our first content highlight of 2021 comes fresh from the MLA Personal Injury Update. In this video you'll get multiple useful and insightful briefings on the following topics...

Supreme Court of Canada 2020 Case Trends

As we wrap up the year, it's time to take a look back at what's been happening at the Supreme Court of Canada in 2020.

What has Changed in the Courts in 2020: Technology in the court; Future of Advocacy

It's been a year! This week we are rounding up how the courts have changed in 2020 with some excellent content from the MLA Straight From the Bench virtual conference.

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