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Critical New Developments in Employment Law

The past year had already witnessed significant changes in employment law. Then COVID-19 hit and the world, and workplaces, were suddenly and dramatically transformed. Learn about these many changes from TLA's diverse panel of practitioners.

Advice for Trial Lawyers from the Appeal’s Perspective

Are you an experienced trial lawyer who wants to take steps to improve your client’s position on a possible appeal? Are you new to trial work and would like to know what you can do to protect the record? Would you like some tips and tricks for success on what might be your first appeal?

Remote Commissioning in Real Estate Transactions

The real estate industry continues to thrive in 2020, despite the pandemic, but we all know that new measures have changed how transactions are carried out.

Best Practices In High Conflict Family Law Matters

All family lawyers encounter high-conflict cases. Whether it’s the timing of the separation or intensity of the conflict, high-conflict separations can hijack a family lawyer’s practice.

Jury Trials From the Masters

When it comes to jury trials, the rules of engagement are a little different and require some subtle shifts in approach, along with special considerations that may not be immediately obvious. While you may already have experience with jury trials, it's always helpful and beneficial to hear from the masters and learn from their experiences.

Virtual Court Attendances: What You Need To Know As A Civil Litigator

As part of our continuing series on how to adapt to a post-pandemic world, today we are looking at litigating virtually. Virtual court attendances are growing in popularity at all levels of court in Ontario and we want to make sure you are prepared for the changing landscape.

How to Approach Virtual Discoveries & Mediations

Recently, we've been talking about the skills and information you need in order to adapt to practicing in the virtual world. Today, we have some practical advice for you, from other lawyers who are walking the walk.

How to Choose Marketing Options that Work For YOU

Marketing yourself or your small firm can be daunting! Websites, SEO, logos, taglines, social media, advertising - online and off, videos, direct mail, trade shows, networking, seminars and publications...

The Shape of Litigation to Come

Over the past few months of emergency-only hearings, courts and practitioners have had to adjust to modified timelines, working and arguing remotely, and new technology demands. But what will litigation look like in the post-Covid transition?

Michael Bay shares his personal reflections on the residential schools compensation process

Michael Bay shares his personal reflections on the residential schools compensation process as a former adjudicator for this special tribunal.

Estate Law in a COVID-19 Time

The practice of wills and estates law is very personal for clients. So how do you maintain that personal connection when you can't meet in person? With physical distancing measures in place, lawyers can still support clients using virtual technology.

What Law School Didn't Teach You

Having your own law practice can be rewarding but how do you create one? Law school didn’t teach you how to start a law firm! Many self employed lawyers learn by trial and error. Why buy an untried ladder to hang up your shingle when the TLA offers this program?

So You Want to be a Judge?

Have you ever thought about being a Judge? For many of us it seems like a far-fetched idea, but maybe it isn't! Watch the TLA expert panelists candidly discuss and de-mystify the judicial application and appointment process.

Practicing During the Pandemic

In this week's featured video, brought to us by the MLA, we hear from a civil litigator, a family law lawyer, and a criminal lawyer on how they have adapted their practice to the "new normal" during the pandemic.

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